Dew Point on the Blue Tabs page

@corrineb for future update would it be possible to have the Dew Point on the Blue Tabs page first panel when in addition Feels Like takes its place? I find the combination of Temp, Dew Point and Humidity highly valuable and currently need to toggle back to Forecast Page to see Dew Point.

Just to clarify:
Do you mean that the third bar in this image which currently displays Temperature, Dew Point, Humidity sometimes looses the dew point reading when ‘feels like’ decides to replace it? If that happens I would request that ‘feels like’ should never replace it.

Referring to your request for the ‘first panel’…
In case those reading this who might not be aware that it is possible to rearrange the order of the blue bars/panels by opening the app on your mobile device, holding a blue bar/panel by touching it for a short moment and dragging it up or down.
And I guess like most of us you have run out of votes.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Same bar you mention. I also have no remaining votes but would think consistency would come into the equation? Either way take it as feedback :grinning: