Device stopped sending data

Received a new station for Christmas and it has been working without any issue. Within the past 2 weeks I get multiple notifications per day that the station has stopped sending data.
How can I check signal strength from the sensor to the hub, is there a way to log this? Is there a firmware update I should look to take or is this automatically applied?
I should also mention my device is in central Florida. It’s been cold lately but the voltage range on the app seems fine. The lowest was 2.52v
Tempest (

I feed data to Wunderground and have so (using various devices) for 20+ years, so not new to the home weather concept.

Go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status to see the status items you are looking for. It appears the Tempest has shut down. Try turning off the switch on the Tempest and back on. Maybe it needs a reboot.

From what I can see your hub is rebooting or has intermittent network outage. If you can during a drop out see if the led on the hub is still on and green (if red wifi issue or internet down)
Eventually try another little power brick and or word if you have any left (any phone brick will do as the hub uses very little power).

Internet is pretty stable. I ended up moving the hub to a room closer to the sensor and so far so good.
Thanks for the ideas.

As you can see above, the RSSI between the sensor and hub is good. When it gets down to -85db or below expect intermittent connection issues.