Device Offline with Sky using solar

Almost daily I get a ‘Device Offline’ notification on my Sky. I recently started using the solar panel and prior to that I never had any issues while using batteries.
Can anyone offer suggestions on how to keep my device working without dumping the solar panel?

What is the RSSI value on the Sky?

Can you help me find that?

What is your station number?

In the app or web interface go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status. Several parameters are there including the RSSI values.


Says -127 RSSI
And station # 2623

That RSSI value is not very good. IIRC it needs to be better than -80. Try moving your hub to get a better value. I’m not sure how the SPA could have made it worse than before but it might have been right on the edge and the SPA was the “last straw.”


Maybe, you try to replace the Solar option with batteries for a test of the RSSI.
What is the value without the Sol.?


or see if you can look back historically and see if the RSSI changed before+after, assuming you had it in the same location always…

My issue was the solar panel…put a support ticket in and have them check

My base station is about 6’ from the Sky. See photo. The RSSI seems to fluctuate a lot, and it’s still dropping offline a lot.

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Think about opening a ticket…
This is possible at or by emailing

My Sky has a Solar Panel. It’s on a 10’ mast about 40’ from the hub. The RSSI is -52. The Sky is currently in full sun. The voltage is 3.49. If your Sky’s voltage is near 3.0 or below, your Solar Panel attachment has problems. If the voltage looks good and the RSSI from your Air looks good, then your Sky itself has problems. If the RSSI looks marginal from both units, then my guess is your hub has problems. Just my 2 cents.