Device Offline During Snow

I’ve had three different sets of messages today that my Tempest is offline, then back on. Last night, it was apparently off for nearly 4 hours and today for 6 and 10 minutes. This is the first time we’ve had a significant amount of snow since I installed it. I don’t think my Internet connection is bad as I was using my computer during the two daylight outages although we do get frequent outages here.

Could the snow and low light levels be causing this? Apparently, there are auxiliary batteries available. Would they help?


Low light levels could certainly cause your Tempest to drop offline. Snow shouldn’t affect it.

What is your station ID?

I’m at 31525. Sorry, I should have included that. Thanks.

Thanks! Your battery voltage looks fine…I do not see any drops that would have caused the Tempest to go offline. However, your signal levels show an RSSI of -91…-85 to -100 is weak. Is it possible to move the hub closer to the Tempest?

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I moved the hub as close as possible this morning. I would prefer to keep it where it was as it was plugged into an uninterruptable power supply along with the router which would keep it on-line for a while during power outages.

Can I check the RSSI? I can’t find it anywhere.

Is it possible that the snow accumulation on the roof has dampened the signal? The station is on the gable end of the house.


I found the RSSI in the on-line settings. Perhaps this is not available in the app. It’s now showing as -70 when it’s within 15’ vertically of the station. Thanks.

You may want to play with the orientation of the hub. My hub is ~75 feet away from the Tempest with a stucco wall between them. RSSI is -29. That said, -70 is better than what you had before.

When the weather clears, I’ll try moving the hub into the yard for a test. What RSSI should I see with clear line-of-sight at 20 feet? Thanks.