Device Name Enquiry


Is there a way to remove the Device name from all the individual blue tiles grid view? I tried removing Device Name and using a space but it displays &nbsp

Like this? I named one a single blank and the other double blank

That’s what I’m after. I had to edit my post above and remove the ; from the end of &nbsp. That’s what displays when I used a space in the device name field.

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I can’t remember doing anything special. Perhaps try doing it in the app, or if you did, try doing it in the browser.

I had to do it in the web browser, the app doesn’t save the change if you close it and reopen.

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it does, but you’ll have to scroll down in the app and press save.

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Remember that the old trick was to use ASCII character 250 which is a blank but not the 032 space character.

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Cheers I’ll see if I can get that to work.

I tried again and added a space and saved. It looks fine until I close the app and then open again, previous device name is still there. I’m using iOS app. If I save space using the Web browser the iOS app displays the &nbsp

is changing the name in the app (and saving it) not working at all for you in the app? I don’t have IOS, so I can’t test.
Anyway you might just try a tiny dot, or an underscore instead, which might be better anyway, because the blank gives some problem elsewhere in the interface.

It appears to save and display no device name in the iOS app, but when you close and reopen the app the previous device name is still displayed.

What i was wondering if it worked with a device name, anything none-blank.

btw this is what happens as a side effect of having blank as a name… you can’t use the settings page in the webbrowser anymore. The one with the name ‘indoor’ works fine, but I cannot access the ones with blank and double blank as their names. Not a big deal, as I can still access their settings through the appUntitled-1

I only have the one device but that’s good to know.

You might have to shut down the app completely and restart it To see these basis data changed.