Dedicated wind sensor with long range transmission similar to Sky

I request a pure ultrasonic wind sensor without any other sensors.
Imagine a ‘Sky’ stripped down.
Place the solar panel for charging on top for midday sun.
Include some solid bird spikes that prevent animals using it.
Use a battery and charging setup similar to the Sky but mounted in the cap where it will be less likely to get wet.
Hang the antenna down the center of the plastic casing without any metal to interfere.
Ideally use the internet of things to connect without a hub.
reduced sensors to keep it simple
reduced complexity to pay for, therefore cheaper
Does not require a hub in range.
Which means we could buy more of them to put in more locations including remote towers where we do not want them to require resetting or replacing.

I know plenty of people who just want to know the wind and a cheap reliable dedicated anemometer for remote locations is what we want.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: