Dedicated Display Console

No need to pay for no ads if the box never sleeps. Screen timeout is solved by the free Fully Kiosk Browser app @vreihen mentioned in your other thread.

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@ lewtesco
Please share how you made this happen. I have a 32" as well and would love to have that displayed!

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I used an old iPhone with a HDMI adapter to one of my TV’s. Works perfectly.

Other weather units always have had this feature and I grew accustomed to seeing something just hanging on a wall. It told me everything I needed to know at a glance. I now have to click the link to my own weather station to see it on my desktop.
The phone app is good, but I guess maybe it’s an older guy thing to have that dedicated unit on the wall.

WF is a slightly different concept, and you have the option to use a variety of solutions.

We’re using the aforementioned WeatherFlow PiConsole, it’s great and it’s got all the information on it.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B…

We run multiple Weather Tempest stations, and they’re easy to switch on with a few touches of a finger. I’ve never seen a better display.



How do u do the above

Follow the link and read the first post. It will tell you you need some hardware and then install the software.

On a related note, Amazon is selling Fire 10" tablets for $74.99 today as part of Prime Day. Lowest price I’ve ever seen for one. Stock up and save…

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Just upgraded from a Fire 8 to the Fire 10 for a dedicated always on display and it looks great with the new dark theme app. Indeed, great price this week!

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You can use this:

The simple solution is for Tempest to just add a tab to the app that is a weather station. Let you customize what you want to display. I use an iPad with the Tempest app and just set the iPad to never lock. It stays on 100% of the time. I have tried the 3rd party apps that connect to Tempest but there are connection issues. Tempest tries to do this with the Summary icon but the barometer font is twice the size of the temp and it does not fit on one page.

I too wish there was a dedicated display option. I went with the ONN option and it worked ( but always froze up after a day or so ) so I switched to a Fire 10- and it still locks up after a day or so!! I love the new dark mode and the larger Fire 10 display, but having to reset it everyday is annoying.

Side note- how did everyone using the fire solve for making it stay on ( no sleep )? I enabled the developer option to force no sleep mode, but that didn’t work, so i got a third party app that keeps it from sleeping.

Second vote here for a Pi/Touch Display and WFPiConsole. Relatively inexpensive, looks very good and it just works. Every couple of months I ssh into it and update the OS.

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Always On is available in the Tempest App. No need for 3rd party apps or other special settings.
In the Tempest app, Tap Settings (lower right bottom), scroll down to Display Options, tap Always On Mode to On. That’s it. Fire 10 stays on without issue or interaction. And yes, dark mode rocks!

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There’s really zero reason to do that if you don’t expose it to incoming traffic from Internet. Once it works, it’ll keep on working :slight_smile:

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oh wow. how did I miss that? Thank you sir! I’ll try that and kill the other app- now lets see if it keeps locking up. :slight_smile:

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Just my OCD kicking in. :grin:

I am using a tablet I bought when I purchased the Tempest when they first came out. I use it in “dedicated”, always on mode which you can select in the Weatherflow app. No one but me knows or cares that it isn’t a more expensive “dedicated” and soon to be obsolete when other companies potentially add features and functions not supported on the ‘old’ display. No thank you.

All the info you need or want is on the screen. Why buy a dedicated, single function device when you can have a full function tablet and use it anyway you want to.

Dedicated devices are outdated imho.

Enjoy your choices, whatever you decide to do.


FYI, the 10" Amazon Fire Tablet is on sale for $74.99 as a Black Friday deal as I type this. Stock up and save… :wink:

I use an older Samsung tablet, but it’s kind of useless until weather flow fixes the android app. It’s basically broken currently as the app locks up if left on for too long on an android device.

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