Dedicated Display Console

Huge sale at amazon today on various kindles from a 7" fire (35 bucks!) on up…


I’m working on a dedicated display using a Raspberry Pi and a computer monitor or old TV
At the momen’t i’m using an old 32inch tv on the wall
I’ve not got the earthquake section perfect yet, at the moment it collects data once a minute from one online dataase but when it’s finished it will check 3 different online databases of events and display the newest one always and resets every midnight
The Weather section uses a mix of UDP and websocket requests to get the data and forecast and the weather map is updated every hour


Pretty cool but my Linux distro provides HTML widgets so I have them on the desktop like mobile wall


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Display WeatherFlow Data on ROKU

If you have a ROKU streaming device on your TV, I developed a simple dashboard that lets you look at your station, or any station sharing data publicly. You create your own menu of stations and can scroll through them.

On your ROKU device:
Home>Streaming Channels>Search Channels>“weatherflow data viewer V2”


I’m in total agreement with a dedicated indoor display. When my 3rd (battery, sensors) unit goes bad . I’m going back to another brand. The Tempest is not ready for prime time. This unit has too many problems and reliability is the pits. Custome service is great but does me no good because of the Tempest.

I have 2 Ambient units, 5 and over 6 years old and they still are running with no problems.

I read this thread and boy what people are doing to get a display.

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These complaints about no display get pretty tiring. Geez it’s a $35 problem and fifteen minutes of your time to get the web display running on a 7" Kindle Fire if you wait for a sale.

Anybody dropping $350 for a station who didn’t research it enough to realize the product has a phone app and web page only gets no sympathy from me.


actually it is a fair request for a dedicated display. I don’t need one but weatherflow could offer this as an option. Perhaps a hub with build-in display or just a separate display. Surely it will cost more than $35 from weatherflow.

I would recommend Amazon Fire HD. It reasonable $ even when you pay for no adds. I actually don’t think weatherflo could make one any cheaper. The best part is Alexa Smart Weather. I have a simple feature request for accumulated precipitation, I would like people to vote for.

The biggest drawback is the screen times out.

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No need to pay for no ads if the box never sleeps. Screen timeout is solved by the free Fully Kiosk Browser app @vreihen mentioned in your other thread.

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@ lewtesco
Please share how you made this happen. I have a 32" as well and would love to have that displayed!

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I used an old iPhone with a HDMI adapter to one of my TV’s. Works perfectly.

Other weather units always have had this feature and I grew accustomed to seeing something just hanging on a wall. It told me everything I needed to know at a glance. I now have to click the link to my own weather station to see it on my desktop.
The phone app is good, but I guess maybe it’s an older guy thing to have that dedicated unit on the wall.

WF is a slightly different concept, and you have the option to use a variety of solutions.

We’re using the aforementioned WeatherFlow PiConsole, it’s great and it’s got all the information on it.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B…

We run multiple Weather Tempest stations, and they’re easy to switch on with a few touches of a finger. I’ve never seen a better display.



How do u do the above

Follow the link and read the first post. It will tell you you need some hardware and then install the software.

On a related note, Amazon is selling Fire 10" tablets for $74.99 today as part of Prime Day. Lowest price I’ve ever seen for one. Stock up and save…

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Just upgraded from a Fire 8 to the Fire 10 for a dedicated always on display and it looks great with the new dark theme app. Indeed, great price this week!

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You can use this: