Decimal separator

I tried to impress my mother-in-law with a computer spoken reading from my weather station. Of course she found something that wasn’t perfect.

In US you normally use a dot as a decimal separator and in Europe we very often use a comma.

It doesn’t matter a lot when you read it but when you make synthetic announcements it sounds wired.

It should be nice if the choice of either a dot or a comma could be included in a future firmware.

I’m in Europe but I prefer the dot. It also looks more pleasing with the font used. Of course you don’t see that when you have it read out by the computer. Does your computer voice program also translate to your native language? If so, shouldn’t the translator program take care of this?

What was speaking the value and what was the data source for it?

I use a plugin for Indigo Domotics to get readings for home automation, it can also give spoken announcements on things like the weather readings from WF.

It’s not translated, I write in my native language and get a good announcement even if the pronunciation it’s not perfect it’s acceptable.

From my experience there is no good translation program out there.