Data does not backfill when hub light turns red

I have been having the hub intermittently turn red (no data), but when the data returns it has not been filling in the missing data. I had though that the SKY and AIR retain data for a couple of hours (?). Does anyone know what might be the problem. I am pretty sure in previous dropouts I received all the past data. Where are the specs on data storage for the hub and sensors?



The Hub will store the data from the Air and Sky then upload it to the server once the Internet connection is restored. Are you rebooting the Hub when you see it has lost the connection?

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It is discussed here, clink title link to follow:

And here:

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Or cite the relevant part of the original source : wink:

Thanks for the links to the specs, folks. To @dswally : Even when the Hub loses connection to the Internet (as indicated by the light turning red), as long as it does’t last too long, you should see that data backfilled once the connection is restored. If that’s not happening, something else might be going on.

Although backfill works the majority of the time, there are still cases where the Hub “thinks” it’s online when it’s not, and we’re working to fix that. Please describe the issue with as much detail as you can - you may have a good test case for us.