Data Comparison During Tropical Storm Gordon


Here is a data comparison from my Ambient Weather Osprey WS-2902A and WeatherFlow SKY & AIR stations during Tropical Storm Gordon. Observations screenshots were from 9:15pm this evening. Both stations are almost indentical except for the rain measurement from SKY. I expected this since its SKY’s first major rain event to help the haptic rain sensor settle down as it starts learning. As of 10:25pm CT SKY is only -0.09 behind the Osprey.

This is a good first run for SKY & AIR. Well done @WFmarketing!Screenshot_20180904-212424~2 Screenshot_20180904-212438~2


@KJ.Davis Nice report, thanks for sharing! Our team of meteorologist were monitoring Gordon very closely. (WeatherFlow has an installed network of professional stations positioned in the coastal US specifically to measure incoming Hurricanes.

Please note the new WeatherFlow auto-calibration / continuous learning system has only been deployed for temp and humidity so far. Other parameters, including rain accumulation, are still in testing. We hope to release to the network of Smart Weather Stations by the end of September, pending test results.