Data authorizations page to include apps

Atm I’m creating an app that will allow a user to authorise access to their Tempest by an automatic token on the tempest website. I’ve noticed that these tokens do not appear in the user’s settings under Data Authorizations ( Is there a plan to bring these onto the page too so the user can see the token if they need it or deauthorise the app? Atm it will only show personal tokens.

I remember there used to be another page under developers that showed these tokens but was told that this page was not meant to be there anymore but I feel this is needed.


Any news @dsj @weatherflow7 ?

Any news @dsj ? I haven’t heard anything.

I moved this to general as there have been no responses.

Hi Ben. Sorry for the slow reply - this one slipped by me. Short story: no update but that’s still the plan!

That’s ok. It seems like you have been really busy lately. Anyway it’s good to know it’s still in the plans.

Hi Ben. Just wanted to let you know, users can now revoke access to apps that use Oauth2 to authenticate on this page: Tempest Settings


This is great news. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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