Darksky & Apple

Just saw on the Darksky website that Apple bought them. They will discontinue the 'droid app and their website. I hope Weatherflow will put a different weather ink at the bottom of their pages. Not happy about this.


Join the club! I just emailed them expressing my disappointment. Not that I expect it to make any difference at all!


Its such sad and frustrating news. I have used Darksky for years as a subscriber on my Android device, its always spot on in my experience. No idea how they do it, but I would love to see Weatherflow be able to step into fill the gap, leveraging their local weatherstation network and whatever magic they can to fill in the rest of the gaps and offer the same that Darksky did (and I’d happily subscribe for a similar annual fee!).

There are a LOT of users on Home Assistant that rely on the Darksky integration for their local weather, and I am sure many of the other home automation systems are similar - could be an untapped market there!

Edit: Of course I use the local Weatherflow data on my Home Assistant setup, but will miss the excellent weather forecasting when I am out and about.


besides the app to see my station’s data, I have used a couple of weather apps, to get forcasts. I used to use wunderground. But IBM pretty much ruined it. I am now using Dark Sky, which is whst the smartweather app uses.

Todsy I learn that Apple bought out Dark sky, and they have decided to discontinue the Android app, starting this Summer. So now I’m looking for a good free (or a pay once) android app. I really need the hourly % chance of rain feature. Does znhone here have a recomendation?

the emphasis across social media seems the pointing of the finger at apple should be more appropriate to pointing the finger at darksky at the end of the day they sold out . my guess most small companies would cherish the thought of a buy out from a large company …money talks and very few businesses would not be swayed especially in these turbulent times … i wonder what wf would think if apple came along and said your product suits our homekit approach … whilst it would be easy to say no we wouldn’t we are passionate about our products but if there is a genuine offer thats is viable and beneficial,offers security for employees , to all would you not consider the thought… ps you dont have to answer wf just food for thought

What does this mean for WeatherFlow? As it uses DarkSky for the forecasting doesn’t it?
What alternatives are there?

Hi all, we’ve posted an official response on this matter.