Daily Rain Discrepancy

I stand to be corrected if this isn’t a bug, or if work is in progress to fix it, but today I noticed a discrepancy between the daily rain total reported in the card view and the graph view.

To illustrate, here is the card view from Station 2701 (https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/2701/grid; not mine) at 18.53 BST:


The total rain in the last 24 hours is reported to be 9.31 mm.

In comparison, the graph view at the same time shows that the total rain accumulation is 8.99 mm:


Why is there is discrepancy between the two values? Unless I am missing something obvious, they should be the same. As an aside, the local daily rain accumulation field in the Sky Websocket message agrees with the graph view, not the card view.

If you zoom out in different steps does it match then? :thinking:

Nope, I tried that! It reads 8.99 mm for all zoom levels, except for the daily zoom level where it reads 8.98 mm.


Ahhhh - I think the answer is the card view shows the total rain accumulation in the last rolling 24 hour period, not the last day starting at midnight (which is what the graph view shows) :grinning:.

Personally I think the card view should report the latter so the graph view and card view agree, but at least I think I now know why they are different. Any confirmation on this would be appreciated!

@peter Simple explanation: The graphs display rain accum per calendar day beginning at midnight. Your example is sampled at 6:54p — effectively 18h:54m of accumulation. You will notice in the graphs that accumulation resets to zero at midnight everyday.

The Last 24 hrs accumulation is exactly that…a rolling value in this case from 6:54p the previous day.

This gives users a variety of ways to look at their data.

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@WFmarketing Many thanks for clarifying this - all makes perfect sense now and I appreciate the need to have a variety of different ways to look at the data. I just feel like a fool now for thinking it was a bug!! :blush:

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