CWOP : sharing data

Really ? Those companies exist these days ? Wow.

I’m missing how your hobbyist Tempest system is on your ‘company’ LAN at all. Given a non-Linux policy I can’t see how such a company would let (a) an untrusted personal Hub to (b) join the LAN wifi and (c) route out to Internet across the LAN which is needed to make the Hub work at a minimum, even ignoring CWOP. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Even given the Hub on your LAN, you’d need some computer (or appliance) on the LAN as well, possibly running ‘more’ untrusted software. Again, with a non-Linux policy they have to be paranoid enough to make ‘that’ verboten too.

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I just read through this thread and it looks like our Tempest station data is still not viewable on CWOP, MesoWest, NWS, NOAA? Is that still the case? If so what is the easiest way to get our Tempest data viewable on those platforms?

The NWS can view the data but it isn’t available on the MesoWest platform unless you use a third party application to send the data to CWOP. I would recommend using WeatherBox to send data to CWOP.

@dsj or someone else on the @WFstaff might be able to give us the latest info on this.