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For these kinda request you better open a support ticket as weatherflow staff doesn’t come here all the time. And we don’t have the ‘power’ to change those things as users :slight_smile:

On top is the link to the support system, open a ticket and they will help you out quickly.

I have a Rachio irrigation controller. Rachio’s documentation for PWS integrations says that they get weather data from the Aeris service. One of Aeris’s weather sources is “Officially sanctioned PWS’s that have registered with NOAA’s Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP).”

The post that started this thread says not to share Tempest data with CWOP because “it is already done automatically”. That sounds great, but I don’t see how to get Rachio to use my PWS if it doesn’t have a station ID in CWOP. There may also be a disconnect with Aeris using only “Officially sanctioned PWS’s”, which probably don’t include my Tempest that I haven’t registered explicitly with CWOP.

Can some knowledgeable person unravel this? Is it possible for Rachio to get weather data from Tempest through Aeris and CWOP? There certainly are a lot of players in the weather data game and it isn’t at all clear (to me, anyway) how they relate to one another.

Any update on viewing the Tempest data on MesoWest, etc.? Has Synoptic made any progress?

They are actively working on integration now, but note that Tempest data will not be automatically viewable in MesoWest.

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Ok. So will it become viewable in MesoWest anytime in the future?

That’s still unknown at this point.


Good afternoon,
I am a new Tempest WeatherFlow station owner and have been very impressed with it so far. I am a broadcast meteorologist in Wisconsin, and am looking to integrate this station into my weather system, via CWOP.

I’m a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff of setting this up, but from the looks of it, you have done this and are currently sending your data to CWOP.

If I am reading your post correctly, you are using weewx? The company I work for doesn’t allow for Linux based systems on our network, so I’m not sure if you are aware of a different alternative?

Thank you for your time.

Meteorologist Chad Franzen

Hello Chad

Glad you like the Tempest. First time ever I hear no linux policy (knowing MS security level this is weird least to say :slight_smile: He could make a special vlan with guest policies for ex to secure it from other network… ) Would your network admin allow something like Meteobridge ? You have several options price wise from a full integrated thing (pro) to DIY flash a little router.
It has to be on the same wifi as the Tempest as it will listen to the local UDP stream from the Tempest and catch the data, and from there you can forward to lots of networks

I hope this might be an option.

Here is a dedicated topic for the meteobridge

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In my case indeed using WeeWX running o a Raspberry with OS = Raspian_Buster.
If Linux-applications are ‘forbidden’ in the network, very difficult to find a practical solution, because the alternative of MS-applications is less safe, more rare and more difficult …

@user376 From a simplicity standpoint, I would use WeatherBox by to upload to CWOP.

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Really ? Those companies exist these days ? Wow.

I’m missing how your hobbyist Tempest system is on your ‘company’ LAN at all. Given a non-Linux policy I can’t see how such a company would let (a) an untrusted personal Hub to (b) join the LAN wifi and (c) route out to Internet across the LAN which is needed to make the Hub work at a minimum, even ignoring CWOP. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Even given the Hub on your LAN, you’d need some computer (or appliance) on the LAN as well, possibly running ‘more’ untrusted software. Again, with a non-Linux policy they have to be paranoid enough to make ‘that’ verboten too.

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I just read through this thread and it looks like our Tempest station data is still not viewable on CWOP, MesoWest, NWS, NOAA? Is that still the case? If so what is the easiest way to get our Tempest data viewable on those platforms?

The NWS can view the data but it isn’t available on the MesoWest platform unless you use a third party application to send the data to CWOP. I would recommend using WeatherBox to send data to CWOP.

@dsj or someone else on the @WFstaff might be able to give us the latest info on this.

simply not true. i registered with CWOP, got a number, and I can’t find my station anywhere…not even on a member listing. and my station certainly does not show up on any site except Tempest.

Are you using something like WeeWX to send data to CWOP? As far as I know, there is no way to get Tempest data to CWOP without a third party app that has that capability. Tempest commmunicates with MesoWest but, the last I heard, the Tempest data sent to MesoWest were not visible publicly (unless something has changed).

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Being able to get our Tempest data on CWOP without using a third party service/app is at the very top of the list of things I want to see get done. I just installed a second Tempest station at my main home to replace a old La Crosse station that was uploading to CWOP. Hopefully there is some progress to report @WFstaff @skiwimarty @dsj.

@scotchipman What exactly are your goals with sharing your Tempest data to CWOP?

For anyone just interested in sharing data with the NWS, and other entities…
Pushing data to CWOP is actually unnecessary and can create problems for the NWS.
Keep in mind, we are already sharing Tempest network data with the NWS more directly, and with better quality control than CWOP.

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My goal it to share my data with those looking for it. Lots of companies sell weather station and each one has their own web page with links to their stations. If can get my weather data on CWOP then it shows up on sites that people that don’t own weather stations look at which is a majority of the population. Sites like and are the two sites I would like to see my stations data listed on.

…also if my stations data goes on CWOP then they provide me with a Wind Rose plot which for some reason are hard to get. I don’t think WeatherFlow/Tempest provide a Wind Rose for their stations? Would be a nice addition if they did.


Understood and sincerely appreciate your feedback.