CWOP : sharing data

We all like to participate in several systems by sharing our data and that is perfectly fine. In this category you will find several options allowing you to do so.

There is just one case NOT to do so since it is already done automatically : CWOP


When did this start?

Yes, when did this change go into place?

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We’ve been working with Synoptic for a while now to feed Tempest data through the National Mesonet Program. We only recently realized how it might negatively affect CWOP. One of the topics that Synoptic and the NMP is trying to address is the de-duping of redundant data sources (as part of an overall quality-control system). It’s not the end of the world if NWS gets the same data from multiple channels, so you don’t need to worry if you’re sending your Tempest data to CWOP - they deal with redundancy already. But there is no need to submit your Tempest data through CWOP, because the data can be provided more directly to the end-users through the National Mesonet Program.

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Very true, But… When I send the data I get to control the data that is sent. And I get to see my data as it’s under my station ID.

What station ID are you using to send My data?

Hi Gary,

Since we’re not sending data through the normal CWOP channel, there is no CWOP station ID.

As for viewing your data, we’re still working with Synoptic/MesoWest on surfacing Tempest data in their public-facing tools. You will be able to view your data on the MesoWest website soon. In the meantime, you can view your data on the Tempest website ( as well as any of the WeatherFlow weather services including, or

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Hmmm - I see my CWOP data from my VP2 (link) although I also feed PWS and WU from weewx for that station.

Nothing leading me to belief that there’s any WF data there, but it’s not visible from their map. Where would I see evidence of my data (or the many WF stations around me) being used by them ?

Map is HERE with me basically dead-center on that map

While NOAA/NWS (and other government entities or researchers that request access) have access to Tempest data, no stations are yet shown on their public facing tools. We are working with Synoptic & NOAA to grant Tempest owners control over whether data from their station is displayed in these tools. If viewing your data through CWOP tools is important to you, that is a good reason to provide data directly through the CWOP program.


Any update on this? I’m assuming that any app or services that use CWOP data (WeatherBug for example) won’t be able to retrieve data from the Tempest, correct?

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Good Afternoon,
Are we able to see out station data on MesoWest as of yet? If not is there any time frame on when it will be available?


Not yet, but progress is being made!