CWOP Integration

I’m sorry there are dozens of links there. Do you have a particular thing in mind ? Has anybody gotten a ‘fail’ from the quality checks that we can reference ?

Does that mean we should not waste time hooking Tempest up to CWOP. I already registered but I haven’t done anything and I’d rather not spend time figuring it out if it isn’t worth it.

I think that is up to you. Since WeatherFlow sends data to NWS via, sending data via CWOP is apparently redundant (but, the NWS data ingester, MADIS … , I am sure, can handle that fine). I have not yet figured out how to see the Synoptic Data WeatherFlow feed in MADIS … but … CWOP data is visible through the APRSWXNET dataset, so, if you want to make sure your data are making it, you can do that with CWOP.

Thanks, I’m not sure I fully understand your response but if Weatherflow is already sending data to NWS, then I don’t need additional work.

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