Customizing App sounds for alerts

I’ve noticed that “Rain” and “Lightning” sounds on my iphone are the same as a new text message. It would be nice to choose from a dozen+ different tones/chimes for these (and any other) alerts.

Can’t you set those in the phone? On Android you can choose any sound you want for each notification. That being said, the Tempest app only separates Notifications (rain, lightning) from Ongoing Notifications which appear to just be when the app first populates the data in the drop down menu of the phone. I have Dew Drops for the rain/lightning sound.

It looks like we don’t have that option on the iPhone.

Maybe try this out: Change notification settings on iPhone - Apple Support

Unfortunately that doesn’t allow you to change the alert sound, only whether it makes a sound or not.

That is a bummer. I thought I used to be able to do that on my iPhone 4 but that was a long time ago. I see that I can’t change app notification sounds on my iPad Mini 2. That is really unfortunate. Need to bug Apple about that. Can apps even change what their notification sound is on iOS?

Yes, the app can change the notification sound. Several apps that I use have a customizable notification sound that you set within the app itself, not through the notification settings in the iOS Settings app. It looks like this is something that WF would have to build into the application.