Customize which sensors are displayed in app & web page

I have the latest Tempest on the roof and the Air (from the previous model) I use for indoor temperature and humidity.

I have disabled the Air lightening but it nevertheless shows up.

What, in any case, really is required is to be able to remove from the display:

  • Air lightning (already included in the Tempest and makes no sense for the indoor environment)
  • Air pressure (already included in the Tempest and makes no sense for the indoor environment)

That leaves me Air temperature, dew point and humidity for the indoor environment - and that is exactly what I need.

While it would be nice if this were a user settable item, it can be setup now by putting in a support request. I had the same issue with one of my stations and WF changed what was the primary sensor to use. I believe they can remove a particular card in the grid view, too. I know at one point when I had a SKY at 3ft and another SKY at 20ft, they offered to remove cards so that it looked like I had only one SKY even though data was coming from two.


Thanks for your suggestion - I’m aware of this possibility.

However, this is a feature request to overcome shortcomings and missing elements leading to an overall improved user experience with a product?

It would seem you agree (“it would be nice”) but nevertheless you say to just go with a support request. Why exercise this control when you might as well leave it to the owner and customer base, who may benefit from this flexibility?

Say, tomorrow a vulture tries to take off from the nearby trees (happens every morning). Since they are gliders the lack of a morning breeze means they often crash-land on lower vegetation and/or roofs.

If one hits my Tempest on the roof (which has happened) and it gets damaged, I would put up again my old Weatherflow and move the Air back outside. It then sure would be nice if I don’t have to - again - put in a support request.

I can think of other very likely scenarios where I would - temporarily - want to move my Air to the outdoor. It is not that you guys are left out of the loop not knowing what’s going on - the device configuration reflects any changes done by the owner (Air used indoor or outdoor).

I in no way discounted the need for this feature. I merely was providing a solution for those who need it before this feature could be implemented.

BTW, if you have any votes left, you might consider voting for it. Mine are already allocated to other feature requests, otherwise I would have voted for this very request.

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I think I posted a similar request but I’m with you. I personally would love to be able to customize to what is being displayed to the public but still able to view all the data on the app.