Customize App Display to make data larger/more visible

Tried the Tempest app and btstwx to put my weather station’s display on an ipad for display on wall or on tabletop because Weatherflow does not yet make a console to view current conditions.

Unfortunately, in either app, there is no way to make the wind info large enough to see from any distance, in fact, the wind speed on the Tempest app, (even in full screen mode) is one of the smallest of data points shown… when the whole point of the weather station was FOR WIND SPEED.

So, holding a smartphone the wind info on the phone app is even smaller to see… and wind/gust info is slow to populate… pretty useless to monitor the weather during a storm for current info because every way of showing data is too small !!!

What do you expect us to do, buy a 65" tv to be able to see the wind speed?

Ridiculous. Good device… poor display of data

Did you try btstWx in landscape mode? Rotate the iPad?

switch to the grid view with the original app for realtime data (icon in the top right) that has big numbers for wind.

Yes, that is much better with yours rotated.

Hopefully Weatherflow can make their app to support options more like that as views/displays within the app.

As mentioned in email, I’d love it if there was a “Analog”/“Speedometer” view for wind and not just the compass option… since wind direction (for many people) really only needs some bright dots that light up around the outside of the “dial” to show direction… but replicating a traditional analog wind gauge that is like a tachometer (with a telltale for visual of gust), and of course digital numbers also.

I appreciate what you’ve created… and a good implementation of this is something I’d be willing to upgrade to a pro version for.

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