Custom domain option for tempestwx site

I’d love a custom domain name option for the site so that I could have show my weather station’s microsite. For more technical users, this could easily be accomplished with a cname and an automated letsencrypt script.

just work via an iframe to include it in any page driven by your domain. And less eay is to catch the data via one of the API’s and render it in again your script of choice on your domain.

Yep, I could use and iframe or a reverse proxy to accomplish this. Currently, every person who wants this functionality has to write their own solution. It would take a junior developer maybe one day to write, test, and ship this as a new feature for Weatherflow and then everyone would have access to this capability. That’s why I added it as a feature request… to let the Weatherflow team know that at least one person has interest in this feature and to see if the community votes it up.

I’d think the nice people at WF would love you to cook it up and provide them with the code for the benefit of all.

My guess is that it’s harder to do than to ask for, specifically the part where you’d need to ensure that https certs work and ensuring that the requestor indeed is the owner of ‘


Ha! Yeah, I’d love for random developers to do all the work for my companies as well! It’s just a feature request… they decide whether they want to implement this or not. I’m just putting it out there as something I’d like. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d prefer they fix battery life and inaccurate rain and concentrate on the important stuff.


@vinceskahan. Cool… thanks for your opinion. My tempest has never run out of battery and has so far been highly accurate at measuring rainfall.