Custom Alerts for Wind?

Loving the Tempest so far but one thing I miss from my Ambient 2902 is the custom wind alerts. I could set parameters for when I wanted an alert, example: wind gusts over 25 mph would send an alert to my phone. Anyone know if this is in the cards for future updates with Tempest? Thanks!

Have you ever seen WindAlert ? :wink:

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Actually, no! (My guess is that Pi-Hole is blocking the embedded map content from a cloud hosting URL.)

Hey, you asked… :smiley:

Thanks! Haha pretty cool app. I’ll check it out!

Hi @WFmarketing,
I appreciate that my station wind readings are on your Apps such as windalert and ikitesurf and iwindsurf etc :slight_smile: I was under the impression only a selection of smartweather Sky and Tempest readings are on windalert.
Can you explain what the criteria is for including a smartweather station on those other Apps?
Because other smartweather station owners have asked for other groovy features which are available on these Apps such as widgets and different forecasts.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi again @WFmarketing, I do like the WindAlert app. Just looking for something more localized. Like my own weather station. The closest station reporting near me is like 50 miles away in Wind Alert.

Just a thought for future development of the Tempest app. Customizable alerts would be awesome.


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Have you looked at setting up an IFTTT workflow?

Hello @emsflyer84. Thanks for joining discussions here. We’re honored to have you and everyone else as customers. Take a look at . There you can find lots of applets to do interesting stuff with data from your Tempest station – including the ability to configure and send custom wind alerts: You can also create your own applets for thousands of actions and products. It’s pretty darn cool. Have fun.

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Thank you! I set up notifications in IFTTT

My stations appear on windalert which was free but now requires a subscription.
I noticed that my wind readings and barometric pressure did not match their data exactly.
Here is todays response:
Hi Ian,

After speaking with our Tempest team and developers, we have determined the issue. Your Smart Weather Station you can get 3 second winds so it is constantly updating for the owner while the WindAlert app/site only updates every 5 minutes for the general public to see. As of now, the average wind speed is taken from a single minute within every 5 minute span and reported. This explains why the wind speeds and gusts are slightly different. We hope to create a fix soon where we can take the full 5 minute average/highest gusts and report that on our graphs for the apps.

Thanks for reaching out about this!

Kind regards,

Caleb Buchler

WeatherFlow Support