Current conditions?

I’ve written a little HTML/Javascript page to display on my Magic Mirror ( that includes some basic data (air temp, wind speed, RH, etc.) from my Tempest. I see from my public data page that it includes “current conditions”. However, I don’t see that field on the list for the Tempest using the websocket API. Just wondering where I go about getting that information??? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

You can get the current conditions from the forecast REST API endpoint. The current conditions are not available in the websocket packets.

OK…thanks for the reply.

So, where would one buy the mirror hardware? Is where to buy the mirror hardware described anywhere in the linked documents?

The Magic Mirror is pretty much a DIY project involving a monitor, mirror (optional) and a Raspberry Pi (although it will run on other platforms). The only commercial product that I know of that’s similar is DAKboard (DAKboard - A customizable display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and more!).

Thank you for the info. So, when I looked at the Magic Mirror project I only saw software… is that all that it is? One would have to figure out from scratch how to create the mirror hardware, if not using a monitor? (I’m using a Sceptre 20" monitor, currently, that I hung on my wall with a special bracket.)

Yes, it’s primarily software. It installs on a Raspberry Pi connected to a monitor. There are default modules to do basic things like time, calendar, weather, stocks, etc. There are dozens of third-party modules for doing a wide-range of things. The user community is very active and, I’ve found to be, very helpful.

yup… I’m using a raspberry pi and a monitor to display my stock portfolio and the tempest weather using java software that I wrote… so I was interested in the mirror hardware to potentially replace the monitor.