Curious about the humidity?

I’m just noticing my tempest hasn’t shown a 100% humidity reading for four months now, is that unusual or is it not reporting to max capacity anymore for some reason? I get the rainy days here in pennsylvania, plus it’s been foggy with plenty of reason to see 100% reading so could this be an issue or not? It hits mid to high 90s. But not passing 98 or so for the past 4 months.

I was told all air units are capped at 99% relative humidity. The tempest can hit 100%… I have experienced the same here on long island we live right on the water and dense fog comes in all the time. Humidity was always 99% on my air. I used kestrel and mercury sling psychrometer both had 100% relative and humidity. I knew it was the air unit capped at 99%. Weatherflow will not fix this on the air units i was told.

My Tempests have read 100%RH but they don’t always stay there very long. My AIRs are on my front porch so it isn’t too likely they would see over 99% but it may be as @pcapaccio said and they won’t ever read over 99%.

Yes my tempest has reached 100% before but like I said not for a long time now, so I’m wondering if it’s for any reason lost the ability to read 100percent again in the future or some way to know this for future reference?

Is there another weather station in your area that you can reference to and have an idea?

I could check I doubt if any are close enough they told me at support I need a calibration that they would help me with so I’m waiting for that as well. Thanks