CumulusMX beta testing

Anyone interested in using CumulusMX with your Tempest?

I’ve been working on adding this station to CumulusMX and would like to have a few testers, mostly for rain data since I don’t get much rain.

The maintainers of CumulusMX currently have a freeze on new features, but I will work to keep my fork up to date with any changes they make so it can be merged later.

Send me a message here if you’re interested.


I would be, I can run it either on my M1 Mini with Big Sur, or on a late 2012 (Quad Core i7) running Catalina. My question would be is would CumulusMX be a standalone app or does it require a “kit” of various software bits to run?

CumulusMX is a standalone app. It is a MS .Net app that runs on Windows or Linux/Mac using the latest Mono distribution.

It runs via command line and all configuration is done via web browser.

I’d be up for testing, too


Have you used CumulusMX previously?

The release to test is located here:

Release CumulusMX-Tempest · jokerboy/CumulusMX (

If using on Linux, you’ll need to make sure the latest version of mono is installed and unfortunately, it needs to run under root in Linux.

In the Wiki it says it runs under OSX but I can’t find an installer only windows.

I’ve never attempted it on OSX, but Linux requires first installing Mono, then running the cumulusMX exe from mono. For example, “mono CumulusMX.exe” at the command line.

Thank you. I’ve used only the original, Windows-based version of Cumulus. I’ll take a look at your MX package, thank you!