Cumulative precipitation modified wf

good evening last night at midnight my cumulative precipitation was 12 millimeters recorded and this morning my reading was 8.7 millimeters why has there been a change?

this is called Raincheck. You can disable it in the app if you like. What raincheck tries to do is to correct the amount of rain accumulated based on various trusted data. It runs somewhere in the hours after midnight.
It also helps to calibrate your rainsensor. When the AI is confident enough that something needs changing, it will re-calibrate your sensor using better parameters.
At least, that’s the idea.

thank you I’ll see but I think it is disabled and I live in France and I don’t think this option is available in my country

rain check was not activated

in that case, this should not happen. Keep an eye on it, if it happens again, try to document it and report it as a bug.

ok thank you I’ll take a look but I just activated it in the application but I think it is not available I do not have the small logo that appears :thinking:

to my knowledge, you are right, it isn’t available in France. Therefore, as I said, if it happens again, try to document it and report a bug.

What is your Station ID so we can see what is happening in more detail?

hello id station 36335

Could you make a screenshot please, I don’t see any of these values at midnight on your station for the last 2-3 days!!???


it seems that the bug has disappeared thanks for watching

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