Corrected rainfall vs end of day live Way off

Yesterday my Tempest reported 5.25 inches of rain at the end of the day, it rained hard all day long! Now the corrected rainfall is 1.81! This seems off to me! How can it be that far out of calibration? and this isn’t the first time that the rainfall at the end of the current day got corrected that far off.

You can open a ticket with support and submit the necessary data and they will calibrate the sensor.

More info here.

George, here’s my station link.

Another station in the neighborhood next to ours has 12/31 rainfall at 2.88, others on wunderground and PWS at about 3.8


I checked the area you are in using the COCORAHS website… and there is a nearby station with 2.9" of rain reported in accurate rain gauge (analog). Your 5+" seems to be way too high but their 1.8" is quite a bit lower than anything around you.

I would try to find out exactly what adjusting parameters were used for your 1.81". I cannot find anything reasonable unless they were using a radar estimated rainfall which can be quite a bit off.

I am new to the Tempest and wonder how they will adjust my data since I have a “real” rain gauge right next to it.


just posted while you were posting :-)…

BTW… the cocorahs web site is at

They report 24 hour totals from 7AM to 7 AM.

Just a note that the SKY is the generation before the Tempest so the same things apply.

Thanks George! I opened a ticket. They probably won’t reply until Monday.

I just saw mine “corrected” from 2.31 to 1.08 ! Actual cocorahs rain gauge had 1.95". Same thing happened to a station about 1 mile away.

Looks like their attempt to correct rain kinda sucks. I will turn it off but am interested in what they tell you.

George, you should open a ticket as well, they will calibrate your unit.

@les.anthis and @george1, just follow the directions in this post.

Thanks… I did do that when I first installed the unit a few weeks ago.

I also have reported the data several times… with comparison to an analog (cocorahs) gauge.


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Make sure you keep reporting for a while so capture several variations of rain types and intensities. I didn’t do that for one of my stations and the calibration didn’t hold up over time very well. It is much better now that I got its data caught up.

David, I don’t have co-located gauge to compare to. however I have compared to other gauges in PWS and wonderground in my neighborhood. those report from 2.9 to 3.8.

Do you have a suggestion on how I can get my gauge calibrated?

Before I got co-located rain gauges, I used trusted neighborhood stations as my comparison source. However, I only made reports on rain events that had fairly consistent values from stations around me indicating my station was likely receiving similar conditions. Not as good as a co-located gauge, but it helped a lot.

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You could do as @SLOman did or contact WF support to see if there is anything they can do to improve the readings.

You could get a CoCoRaHS gauge and record the rain at what ever interval you want and report that to WF. There is a time/date entry in the form so you don’t technically have to have a 24hr period. I decided to report to the CoCoRaHS network so I report at 7AM daily when I’m home. I just report that to WF and it has made a big difference.

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I contacted support and provided three CoCoRaHS stations for the 31st that are 3 miles, 5 miles, and 8 miles from my house. I also ordered an analog rain guage that I will manually report as it rains in the future.


I just submitted a ticket as well. gauge captured: 5.36 inches and rain check said 0.48 inches. IMO both numbers are way off. and living in the Pacific Northwest it is frustrating to see bad data daily.