Continuous Learning - which variables?

Hi @dsfg . This is where running our massive data set through machine learning algorithms will begin to identify relationships including the effect of of temperature on rain and allow us to further refine our systems.


That’s what machine learning is made for. :slight_smile: good luck.

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…at least until the machine decides to lock @dsj out of the pod bay!!! :rofl:



Can you please define ‘trusted’ data sources? As I mentioned, there are no official sites within 18+ km and they have very different values to those of the microclimate zone where we live, including ~300 m altitude difference, no seashore, 1000+ m mountains in proximity, foehn effect, diurnal valley-directed sea breezes etc.

However, I have two other weather stations (Davis and Oregon) which agree with each other to a remarkable degree (no tweaking) and which seem very close to reality

As I write, Davis & Oregon:
Temp 16.5 16.4 °C
Hum 83 83%
Max gust 5.1 N 4.9 N m/s at 12:40 12:40.
Gust last hour 2.2 N 2.9 NNE m/s at 14:27 14:27.
Average 1.8 ENE 1.6 NE m/s at 12:54 12:47
Max temp 17.5°C 17.7°C at 12:48 12:45
Min temp 10.4°C 10.3°C at 06:17 00:00 (temp almost flat overnight)
No precipitation in last 24 h but Davis slightly lower than Oregon as a rule

I’m confident that these two stations keep within close tolerances to real conditions. Could they be used for CL for WF?

Temp is good. hum is high (95% >10% high) wind is haywire, rain (when it happens) very high.

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Can now add comparative rain:
Davis 2.6 mm
Oregon 3.8 mm
WF 5.7 mm

Comment: the Davis see-saw is corroded and slightly sluggish (awaiting replacement). The Oregon is new. Neither has been calibrated and I intend doing a calibration.

Yes, if you have a trusted source we may be able to use it as an input to the CL system. Is data from these two stations available online somewhere (e.g. Weather Underground)?

Thanks for reply. I’ve been trying to put both stations on WU, but it shows ‘Not reporting’ for both. I haven’t been able to trace why unless it is because it shows the location as Μοσφιλωτή, CY when I entered it as Mosfiloti.