Constant Wind Speed (solved)

Installed Sky & Air this evening and all readings look normal except the constant wind speed from Sky. The readings have been constant for the past hour up to 7mph from the West. Conditions are calm outside with other weather station reporting the accurate calm wind condition.

Sky Firmware 43
Air Firmware 20
Hub Firmware 91

Have you by any chance activated the sky safe mode ?


Yes, I turned on Power Save Mode probably 20 minutes after SKY was setup. This morning as of 10:19am CDT the wind is being measured higher than it should be and from the wrong direction. Current conditions here are a light wind from the NNE to SSE with a gusts up to 2.2mph as measured by my Ambient Weather Osprey. SKY is measuring a constant wind around 4-6 mph form the WNW, NW, and W directions with wind gust of 4-8mph. I did noticed during the mounting of SKY that the South Sonic Sensor looked to be offset unlike the other three sensors. It doesn’t look to be installed correctly. Here are two screenshots of wind data from SKY and Ambient Weather Osprey.

SKY Wind Data from Friday at 8pm - Saturday at 9:30am

Ambient Weather Osprey Wind Data Friday at 10:35am - Saturday at 10am

NOTE To compare the Ambient Weather data you need to start at the 19:55pm time stamp. Sorry, I can only capture a 24HR window of data. The Ambient Weather’s comparable data is 19:55pm to 10am on the graph.

Hopefully this helps and if I need to take a photo of SKY’s sonic sensors to show how the South sensor looks to be offset then I can and will do if necessary.

could you already disable the power safe mode please and se if this solves the issue (we have seen some cases like this before)


What is this safe mode you speak of?

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I just turned it off. I put it in Power Save Mode to see if it would solve the issue since I read last night that it may help to fix it. So far no change in how it is reading wind.

Oh, power save mode.


The Osprey is measuring 2.4 mph from the SE with Wind Gust of 4 mph.

If you are sure the Sky is at fault, contact

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Would you like me to take a photo of it to see what you think? You guys know have had lots of time with the test and production units to know if the sensors are installed properly. It looks to be out of line.

why not, we can always have a look.

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Here is a photo of the South sensor.

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That looks strange but only WeatherFlow knows for sure.

I will tag David @dsj so he will see and comment.


Thanks Gary and Eric. All other sensors seem to be working fine.

Measurements from both SKY and Ambient Weather Osprey from a few minutes ago. Screenshot_20180825-183017

Pretty sure there is a fault with the wind sensors. I imagine I will file a support ticket once I here from @dsj and @anon84912554

I’m not going to tell you what to do, however, for a faster response from Support or David is to submit a support request.


Thanks, Gary. I will go ahead and file a ticket. I just wanted to let you guys see the wind sensor continuing to measure wind from the wrong direction and speed.

I have to ask. Are you sure you have North facing north?


Ha. Yes, the N on the SKY is facing true North.

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Hi @KJ.Davis. It looks like one of your ultrasonic sensors is out of whack. We’ll get you a replacement SKY out ASAP!