Considering WeatherFlow Tempest or?

I had another brand weather station that did not work very well over the 160ft distance between the outside unit and inside Display/console. So, I sent it back and currently without a weather station. I came across WeatherFlow when searching weather stations on Amazon.
For those of you that have had “other” weather stations and now have WeatherFlow, I would like your option on the device, the App and support? With this Personal Weather Station being so new I am a bit unsure whether to purchase from WeatherFlow and the new Tempest.


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Hi @rnix.1, welcome to the community! You have joined at an interesting time. WeatherFlow are just beginning to roll out their new Tempest hardware and app. There are some members of the community who are not happy with the changes (progress doesn’t suit everyone!), but please don’t let this put you off.

From a personal perspective, I am very happy with the hardware. I have only owned basic weather stations before, so this was definitely a step up for me. The ability for you to access your data freely from their API was a massive bonus, and there is now a large collection of third party apps you can use to view and archive your data (Smart Weather Station Third-Party Applications). The app is good, and the support from WeatherFlow is second to none. I can’t comment on the performance of the wireless range as mine is much closer than 160ft, but I am pretty sure there are users on here who have their devices much further away and have no issues.


Hi Peter,
These are interesting time in many ways!! Plus many thanks for sharing. Do you have the Tempest or Sky?

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I have the Air/Sky bought through the initial crowdfunding campaign. I am hoping to buy a Tempest later in the year. Do let us know if you need any more help/advice!

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Hmmm - lets see…

Support - great. Always a pleasure to deal with. Totally professional. Very customer-focussed.

Build quality and hardware reliability - pretty good and improving. Some growing pains in Air+Sky+SolarPanel that appear to have helped in the evolved design of the Tempest.

Biggest thing to consider is the WF model - you basically need your station to send data to their servers for them to tune your sensors via the Continuous Learning magic. For some people who just want to buy a shrink-wrapped box and turn it on and have it work ‘without’ any internet connectivity, this might be a show-stopper. It certainly would limit usefulness in something like a remote cabin or the like I’d think.

Programming interface - way fun and the sole reason I did mine back in the original Kickstarter days. It’s great having control over your data. It’s also nice that WF publishes their algorithms for derived calculations. Check out the API page that’s linked to in the header above here in the forums.

Big downside for me is inaccuracy of the rain sensor. Just does not work here for me in the Seattle area. While I understand the rain-check thing as a next-day fixup based on some proprietary magic combination of math and surrounding observations, for me I really wish the rain values in realtime were accurate. If you care about seeing ‘realtime’ rain readings that are accurate, you might want to consider whether to go WF or not.

Suggestion I guess I’d have is that if you’re uncertain, try to pick up a used Air+Sky for a song from somebody who upgraded to Tempest. Get your feet wet and see what you think. I have to think that gently used Air+Sky will be available pretty cheaply as soon as folks get their Tempest units.

Vince, thank you for sharing and I see you are Tempest Field Tester. I have to agree the customer support is amazing even to someone like me that does not have their equipment, yet. William with Weather Flow Support answered all my questions and provided all the information I requested.

Of all the weather stations I have researched, there were two systems I was considering and decided on WeatherFlow Tempest, which I have ordered. I understand WeatherFlow is working on additional sensors, (information shared from William) and a tip rain gauge is one. Since you state the rain sensor is inaccurate that could be one reason but I would think since the unit is always learning, Weather Flow could correct the rain sensor inaccuracy with software update.
Again, thank you for your feedback and sharing your view, all the best.

If you have a co-located rain gage you know is accurate WF has a form where daily information can be uploaded and they will use it to calibrate your own station. My SKY units are reasonably close now. I have a CoCoRaHS gage I report on and have been uploading reports for my SKY stations and for the Tempest stations during the field testing.

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Sure. My opinion is that thousands of customers shouldn’t have to work that hard to get accurate realtime rain data, and if everybody did the form WF wouldn’t be able to hire enough people to do the hand-tweaking. Others may of course have different opinions.

Key thing here is that rain-check is irrelevant to me personally. I would like rain in realtime to be accurate, as I grab the data off the wire(less) and store it on my local systems here. The only reason my WF gear uploads to WF corporate is for their continuous learning stuff, and of course hardware diagnostics if the hardware goes wonky.

I think they did say they were looking at developing a tipper that could be integrated with the system. That would be the best of both worlds.

I wasn’t trying to counter what you were saying, just pointing out an option available.

Absolutely. Lots of ways to get there of course.