Connectivity- Tempest/HUB

Gday All, I hope you are all healthy and happy and warm, Last night I had a really unusual experience with the Tempest, I have it connected to a meteobridge and use Brian’s Aurora template. I basically reside within a semi Faraday cage but with obviously open portals for connectivity. It is the first week of winter here in Australia and where I live the nighttime temp has been dropping to single digits (Celsius), I have to say since I installed the tempest it has been flawless.The RSSI to HUB is usually about -70 and works fine. Anyway,I moved one of those “camp chairs” inside due to crappy weather and thought nothing more. At about 0410 this morning, checked the template and tempest and MB , dropped out! Did a sensor check, reboot on hub and MB and router, still dropping out! Confuggled until I checked the RSSI , had gone to -92 because I put this aluminium framed chair close to the LOS of the Tempest. As a HAM operator, I was very happy to see the RSSI return to -68 when I moved the chair, crazy but true, perfect again. So if anyone has similar mysterious dropouts, might be worth checking, All the best from The very cold and soggy bee yard.


I had to look up what LOS stands for, but I found it…“Lake Of Syrup” What does LOS stand for? — Page #2

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Pretty much what that chair did to the signal.

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LOS=Line of Sight

(And now for those extra characters that the forum requires. Too bad they can’t just use the average of what we type.)

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yeah, I figured that, but “lake of syrup” is way more intriguing.


…and ironically is also an acronym for Loss of Signal, commonly used with AOS (Acquisition of Signal) in satellite communications…