Connection Problems

New user here: I simply cannot connect to my station. The app says my station is connected, and I receive emails from WF saying that the Tempest is online, but no data is being received nor displayed on the app. The Hub is showing a -8 RSSI. The light on the Hub remains solid Blue. The Hub is within 2 feet of my router. I am at my wits end…Can anyone suggest a solution? Many Thanks…

Steve in Kansas

the blue color means that it is connected through bluethooth with the app. If you kill the app, the light should become green. does it?

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No, it stays blue. Never changes color! Thanks!

probably it is connected to some other device via bluetooth. as a test move all other devices out of the way.
Perhaps this troubleshooting guide is any help

Your hub is seen by our servers but your Tempest did send for +/- 1 hour of data and vanished. The radio link quality was very low, is it maybe out of reach of the Tempest ? Can you bring it closer or move the hub in the house closer ? Wifi link is very good and you have quite some margin.

Maybe if you can easily reach the Tempest, reboot it via a toggle of the switch underneath the unit. It should blink a few times quickly green before going off.