Connecting to Ambient Weather

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I cut and pasted the MAC address from my router, so it should be fine, although I’m wondering if it’s case sensitive. There are some small letters on the WeatherFlow MAC address, but when I pasted them into Ambient Weather they turned into capitals.

the mac address itself is not case sensitive.

Do you mean the WeatherFlow Tempest router MAC address or your regular WiFi router?

I mean the WeatherFlow’s MAC address.

I put mine in an hour ago and still not reporting to Ambient Weather…

I wasn’t aware that Tempest was even compatible with Ambient Weather?

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Well, so far it isn’t!

The Tempest has a fully open API so there is no reason it can’t be adapted by every service.

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Ambient Weather is running their own private sandbox PWS site, using an upload protocol that resembles WU’s old rapid-fire. AFAIK, it only works with hardware that they sell, including their Ambient-branded version of MeteoBridge. If WeatherBridge has Tempest support, that may be a way to upload data into the Ambient ecosystem. I never used it, and don’t know what storing data in their proprietary platform gets you in the long run…

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Thank you anyway, but I bought this because it was advertised to connect with Rachio sprinklers. From what I can tell, it doesn’t.