Connecting Tempest to WeatherUnderground

Have a WU account and an ID and Key but it continues to show me as Offline even though my Tempest is active and public sharing is on. Obviously I am missing a step to link my Tempest to WU but can’t seem to find it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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It is on the online webpage as described below. Enjoy :slight_smile:

How do I link my station to Weather Underground?
To send your weather station data to WU, create a WU PWS and gather your PWS ID and Station key. Then login to your account on the web app: and go to settings > stations > choose your station > public data > Weather Underground and enter your WU PWS station ID and key. Wait about 30 minutes before station data fills in.


Here’s a screenshot of the page where you’re supposed to enter your WU “Station ID” and “Station Key”.

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Fantastic…would have never found that on my own…many thanks, Michael

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Many thanks…would have never found that on my own…Michael

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Thanks, this is the piece I was missing. Station started showing data within minutes.


Am new to this forum. Tempest installed yesterday and app working fine. This morning got a WU password and input station ID and key in my Tempest app under Public Data. Now some 5 hours later and WU still says Device Offline. Checked the spelling, etc. What can I do to get it Online in WU? Thank you.

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Maybe post 2 can help find what is going on already. Also did you looked at eventual spaces before and after the code ?? Sometimes one slips via copy/paste and connection fails.

We also saw cases where it took a day or so for WU to finally start accepting data … they lost a bit of it’s quality … :neutral_face:

Thank you. I did use Post 2 to get the initial info entered. Yesterday, I did a 2nd attempt after deleting the first WU station and starting over. As of this morning, 20 hours later, still offline. I also checked and no leading or trailing spaces.

Not sure what else to do.

I’m having the same issue. Ultimately I’m attempting to connect my Tempest with my Rachio2 sprinklers. Does anyone know a workaround? I’ve joined so many clubs that I feel like I should buy a ham radio, and the Tempest isn’t reporting, although it’s online in the Weatherflow app.

I had substituted a “0” for an “O” in the WU name to enter in the Rachio. Rachio tech Support caught it. Look really hard at the name spelling. When I switched, it came online in 15 min.

Has there been any resolution to this? I just set up my Tempest this week, and I can’t get it to send to Weather Underground. I set up the WU station, pasted in the ID and key in the Tempest settings, and 20 hours later, WU still reports it as ‘offline,’ even though all looks good. I’ve double-checked the credentials, and they’re all copied and pasted exactly, with no extra spaces.

Any thoughts?

Not sure it is Weatherflow side going woncky. Weatherunderground isn’t known to be relaible these days and from time to time it takes long before it accepts new stations or just plain drops for days …

I had to go several times to your station and got server error page with weatherUndergound … weatherflow side it seems linked ok to KCAPASAD155

Mine is reporting normally …

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