Configuring Kindle 10 to use as monitor

I don’t really know how to post, so plz b patient. I have a fire HD and I ran the “hack” to add the google play store to it. I have the app on the fire hd, but when I go to the store to log into the play store, I get the message: An application requires an update for Google Play Services, requested by What do I need to do to access the store for the tempest app? I am frazzled! I think that I used the wrong version, I think version 5 instead of fire HD 10.

Make sure that the files that you copied onto the Fire 10 are for the correct generation and model of Fire tablet. There are hundreds of web sites online hosting files/instructions for older models, and they are not compatible with newer units…

Here is a link to Toolbox Updater that is a great utility to modify the Kindle without root or ROM flashing. I have used on on various generations of the Kindle Fire tables for home automation dashboards and it works great. I usually remove the Amazon apps, install the nova launcher, and google play.

[WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V11.0 | XDA Developers Forums (


Thanks so much! I will try this and let u know.

I must sincerely thank you! AFter about 15 minutes, I now have it set up to monitor my Tempest!!! AMAZING!!

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FYI, Amazon is having another huge sale on the Fire tablets. The 10" one is under $99…

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Thanks, enjoy your new display free of the shackles of Amazon.