Community Website

I’ve used the data from my station to create a community based website. Interested in any improvements I could make.

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looking cool, but two things I noticed: 1) there is a pretty refresh that temporarily makes all the data invisible and 2) I’m missing a nice graphical wind indicator.
the bottom half is a bit unclear. There are number surrounded by a lot of empty space without a clear indicator what they mean (yes there is an indicator, but it isn’t very clear at first glance).
Instead of the table of UV index warnings, I would just say like “UV index 8 (Very High)” (or what ever the current value is.

Gauges are always nice to have, here are some ideas:

I like it. An ‘about this station’ and ‘about this site’ set of pages would be interesting. You can likely get pretty much the same thing if you run weewx and use the Belchertown skin if you wanted to go to more of a ‘configure and walk away’ thing. has the light themed version of that if you wanted to take a quick look there.

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Thanks for the feedback, something new to work on. Is there any way of getting history data?