Cold weather report

My test unit is in the fridge in order to measure the discharge rate at low temperatures (-17C).
@corrineb just send me a message that some very long standing (august 2019) bug regarding averaging NULL winds has been fixed, so I wanted to confirm that. and yes it appears fixed. Yeah! But this was the reason I had a look at the wind detection of this unit. Here you see the data for different days while it was in the fridge. Apparently at can be very windy in my fridge (no it hasn’t a fan), the wind direction can vary dramatically and the weather varies quite a bit each day. I need a weather forecast for my fridge :slight_smile:


Nice one @sunny ,
I had similar to some of those behaviours with a sky in a still room that no one was entering.
So I moved it into different locations due to the possibility of ultrasonic reflections when near another object, but I was not able to detect a reflection issue however a fridge might reflect ultrasonics more easily.
And while we imagine that a fridge with the door closed and no fan would not have any wind I am now imagining how much movement might be generated by different temperatures. Just like the sun creates thermals in the real world and water in a pot of water being heated moves up where it is warmer the same must happen in a fridge between the different areas of the fridge and the cycles of the fridge.
I am confident that you will find the reason…
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I can imagine a little draft due to temperature differences, but not something with peaks of 17km/h. Also remarkable that for example, yesterday I did take it out to do some measurements, but when I put it back in, it showed no wind at all. After a couple of hours it started to get windy again.
I was surprised to see the different “weather” conditions in the fridge.
But don’t think too much of it, because this unit has a kind of broken wind sensor and speed measurement always strongly depended on the wind direction. (some wind from opposite direction appeared to have double the speed).