Clearing Data In General - not just Lightning

New owner here. So far really impressed with the capabilities and potential. I see a number of things that I had wanted when I first started looking at Weatherflow have already been incorporated.

But on to my subject: When I got my Tempest system i activated it and it started recording data while still indoors. I could not get it sited for a fay or two. So it has data that is really not indicative of real weather - only what was inside my office.So: Is there a way to clear data back to a certain date or to the beginning so that the data dhowing and used in the AI “thinking” is actually WEATHER data and not skewed by a few days of data that are simply inside the house?

Many thanks!


Actually there is only 1 option, delete all data. If you just recently launched it, not much harm since calibration etc doesn’t kick in on a few events. It needs some and from there it runs over periodical checks.

If you want to start with a clean sheet you go in settings → stations → device → advanced and there you have it in red . click and disappear it will :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Just what I needed to know!