Cleaning and maintenance of Sky unit

I was wondering how often the Sky must be cleaned.
Does the Sky need any special maintenance over a period of time?

Or just clean it with a damp cloth once in a time?
Especially for the UV and brightness sensor.

I perform a monthly maintenance of my weather stations. For the SKY, all you need to do is gently wipe down all the areas with a wet paper towel. Gently wipe the top of SKY so that the Haptic surface and UV/Solar sensor area is clean. The last thing you can do is clean the wind path area with the wet paper towel as well. Inspecting the four sonic transducer sensors is a good idea to make sure there is no debris.


Thank you for your information.
Will do it monthly. Especially in the winter and autumn.
Spider webs and other debris and filthiness.

in addition to cleaning, what do you think to apply a wax so that the rain does not stay on the SKY?
because I have the impression that when it is soaked in water it does not see the fine rain

Wax makes water bead up before the drops grow large enough to fall off, which I suspect will impact (pun intended) the sound made as subsequent raindrops fall. Plus, beaded drops in the wind slot will surely mess up the ultrasonic sensor flight paths…

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I agree 100% with @vreihen about the wax on the haptic pad and around the sonic senors.

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Maybe putting a small umbrella over the sky will help with the rain buildup.


Just add a trained hamster to tap on the SKY to simulate the rain and you’ll be set. :rofl:


We are short on hamsters here. Will a squirrel do?


Only highly trained ones. I hear there are many of them in Colorado. Come to think of it, given Washington and Colorado laws, we both can probably find some high-ly trained ones though I hear they are a little slow at processing. :rofl:


Hi @WFsupport,

How should we clean the special coating under the sonic transducers?
This is a photo of my Sky #4834 after 52 days outside after some gentle rain:

This is a video squirting water across it trying to clean it:

This is a photo after the squirting:

And after a gentle horizontal shake trying to remove the droplets:

It appears to me that the special coating was either inconsistent or might be wearing off causing the puddle?

I have not touched any of the surfaces inside the gap and this squirt of water is the first time I have tried it.

Wondering what else I can do?
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

the super hydrophobic coating does a relatively good job of reducing water build up in certain situations however there are some things that kind of work against the use .

  1. most super hydrophobic formulas especially consumer type needs redoing every so many months to retain its effectiveness . cold freezing weather can effect it quite badly when the defreeze kicks in.
  2. long periods of hot sun exposure can dissipate the formula,coating.
  3. works better when the surface is angled , flat or relatively flat surfaces the droplets that form have no where to run or move so you may see a build up.

tilt it 45 degrees you theoretically see it roll of .

i used a consumer spray on helmet visors it does quote regular replenishing …replenishing every season would be the best advice .a trip to your local motorcycle specialist might reward you a solution there are different types that may have similar characteristics to the one used by wf …no guarantee but worth looking into

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A competitor’s consumer-grade ultrasonic wind unit uses a type of fabric (for lack of a better description) on the flat lower plate surface instead of a coating. I have no idea what the longevity of this material is, but it may eliminate/minimize the need for periodic cleaning.

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