Claiming to be a wireless hub

May I please ask anyone capable of answering, why would advertising a product to be a wireless hub, then watching a video I noticed someone demonstrated plugging two cords into the back of the unit which includes a plug for the router. How can it be described as wireless if any kind of plug is necessary. This has nothing to do with the tempest weather station by the way. Thanks

Any device could have both option, being wireless and also able to be linked via network . One option doesn’t exclude the other … maybe link the video ??

I think I know who’s Hub you are referring to. . .and if I am right. . .I have one of those such “wireless” hubs that is also connected to my router / access point with an ethernet cable

Marketing frequently uses ‘hub’ and ‘gateway’ interchangeably.

My Philips Hue hub is wired to the LAN but the other gear talks wirelessly to it, although it’s not on wifi frequencies.

To be clear, you refer to a non Weatherflow hub :interrobang: I never crossed one and for as much I know none is coming.

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Until we have Power-Over-Air or everything jumps to solar power, we will always need some type of plug…

Besides, it’s typically the functionality that is advertised as ‘wireless’, and generally understood that the devices will need some sort of power source.

yes that’s right @eric…it’s from a another brand!