Chromecast and/or Apple TV compatibility?

Can you make the Tempest app compatible with Chromecast and/or Apple TV?

Since Tempest does not have a dedicated display, it would be nice to cast / mirror Tempest app screens to my TV.

can’t you just cast the website to the tv? as in Tempest it looks almost identical to the app.

There is a Roku app which might meet your needs - search the community.

I downloaded Amazon Silk browser on my smart tv and I can see my WF Tempest, Air & Sky just like a console!

Also on my large flat screen I installed a Roku and did the same downloading Amazon Silk and it works just like a browser! I also can see my Davis & my Ambient 2902A!

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Curious…how do you download Amazon Silk on Roku?

Mine has a find button on the home screen. I typed in Amazon Silk or use the voice button. It’s just a browser! :+1: