Changed Battery & Lost UV (solved with power cycle)

I changed the batteries in my Sky a couple of days ago and the UV/Lux/Solar did not come back on. Is there something I can do to reset it without taking it down again? Thanks.

Station 3853.

You open the battery door, wait 5 seconds and close it. Check if it starts reporting.

@GaryFunk, I think it’s 3853, isn’t that it?

I see your edit, I guess you found my station. So there’s no option except to de-power it, no remote reset?


There may be a hardware issue.

Opening the battery door for a few seconds may fix the issue


OK, I’ll take it down tomorrow and power cycle it. Thanks.

Best of luck to you. If it doesn’t come back the first time, try again.Then take it down and email support. It may come back with a complete reset.

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A power cycle of the Sky restored the UV sensor. :smiley:

It’s really weird. I am happy I was able to help you solve the issue.

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