Cellular WIFi ...suggestions

I originally signed up for the remote tempest system which was to have a solar powered cellular WiFi system for a remote setup,

There seem to be less than 500 backers for that solution and it’s been moved to no earlier than October,

I decided to bail on waiting and got the standard tempest with the plug I. Base station,

I’m in the US and have been researching solar powered WiFI hotspot systems that connect via cellular data.

Anyone out there doing this or familiar with these types of systems? My tempest arrived today and I set it up on a pole in my back yard in the city to get familiar with it. My long term plan is to move it out to some property that is in the country, 90 miles away.

I have carried out experiments with the Sky which the Tempest is similar to. I have used it connecting to a hub connected to my mobile phone as a hot spot and worked fine. I also did long distance testing to decide if I could use Skys several kilometers away from my house. The results are here: Sky maximum distance from Hub
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Thanks, last night after I did my post, I found your thread about multiple units with parabolic antennas if I am connecting the right thread. Pretty impressive.

I need something that can use cellular data but not my phone. The property is 90 miles from where I am most of the week. The thread your comments are on has some good leads and I have also found some other options to look into.

I’ve got some reading and research to do.

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I have used a Netgear Nighthawk from AT&T to tether my station when I am mobile. It uses a USB-C plug for power so you would need some sort of battery with the appropriate adapter. I did see that after several days the Nighthawk would drain the battery to 50% to preserve the life of it, which is a good thing. The only issue I ran into was that sometimes I had to power cycle the Nighthawk or reboot it to get it to connect again. I don’t know if that was an AT&T network issue or something else.