Can the Hub handle direct sun?

My hub is in shed window and receives blazing sun in late afternoon, which seems to coinside with less accurate temp reading from 2:30pm on. And it gets hot here. Should i find a new home for it?

My problem is my two shed windows are the only direct views to the Tempest about 20’ away. Does the hub need to have a direct visual with Tempest, Or can it be in shade behind wall in shed?

The hub temperature has no bearing on the Tempest sensor temperature measurement. Whether direct sun on it effects its overall function is a different question. It probably can handle a fair amount of heat, though typically silicon chip life shortens in high temperatures.

If your station is then you should be fine to move the hub. The RSSI was at -46db which is a reasonably strong signal.

BTW, please update the link in your profile. It points to a non-existent station so I had to search for your station on the map. Hopefully it was your station I found.

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You should be able to take the hub out of the direct sun. It should easily operate in the shade of the shed wall.