Can Rain Affect Wind Readings - Looks like Frost can as well (Updated)



Thanks Tom, always helps to know we’re not the only

one having issues. This is a major concern as rain and snow will

mostly be accompanied during the most severe storms - a time when

we can least not have an accurate data feed.


After rainstorms (~35 mm in last 24 h), water stays in slot, making wind measurements totally false.!
This shows last hours

shows the reality

It took 58 hours for the average curve to revert to normal!


I think I’m having the same problem as people have noted. Been raining moderate/heavy all morning, and I had two of the highest wind gusts I’ve ever had, one over 40 mph, the other over 45 mph. The sensor is only 2 meters off the ground and the local ASOS only reported a gust to 25 mph (at 10 meter height). I suspect the rain is interfering, the wind has picked up but my house would’ve shook with gusts like these.


The wind speed data being generated by my Sky is really wrong.
Ever since it turned cold and snowy the unit has been increasingly unrealistic.
Below is a shot of my Sky in blowing snow and a shot of the data screen.
My other anemometer was reading 15-25 with gusts to 30.
The sky was reading 2-5 mph.
The direction reads correctly and all the other data is credible but the wind speed isn’t even close.
What is going on here?




Hi Ed. We’ll take a look at your data. We’ve discovered an issue at temperatures below about -8 F / -22 C (see Frozen Sky Devices?), but I don’t think that’s what’s going on with yours. Stay tuned.


Another storm has passed with winds gusting over 40 and my Sky reported winds generally under 10 mph.
What to do?
The unit also reported 3.6" of rain over a 12 hour period when we got about 3" of snow.
What’s up with that?


and it’s a hard rainnnnnnnnn’s a’gonna fall…
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Hi Ed. We’ve had a look at the raw data from your SKY and it looks a tweak to one of the sanity filters may correct this issue. We’ve just made that tweak - please let us know if your data looks better as of this afternoon.