Can Rain Affect Wind Readings - Looks like Frost can as well (Updated)



I should also report that when I raised SKY to its current location, on 2/11, I switched on the power saving facility as well. I wonder if there could be a connection; I have only been aware of the phenomenon since these two acions. I shall switch back to nomal so that only one variable (height) is operating!


We suspect that’s indeed part of the issue!


I thought it had recovered, after I cancelled energy save, and I got a Gold Star for five days!
Today it has taken leave of its senses (sensors): It has recorded rain all day, although there has been no more than 6 mm intermittently and it has recorded 150 mm acumulated! Wind direction is correct and wind speed is a bit high (between 1.5X nd 2X).

Any thoughts?


Regarding the over-reporting of rain, we suspect you may be experiencing the case of false rain from wind-induced vibration of your mount. Does that seem possible?

As for the wind speeds, your data looks good… To what reference are you comparing the speeds? That is, what makes you say it’s reading high?


I’m only suggesting high wind speed because many locals are reporting lower, but my siting may be more optimal than theirs!

When I am standing on my first floor balcony, the supporting pole is firstly a 2 inch steel scaffold pole, from ground level and bolted to the 4 X 2 inch timber balcony wall at waist height. At my head height on the balcony (which suggests a 12 foot pole from ground), it is coupled (with a scaffold clamp) to a 2 inch aluminium scaffold pole of about 8 feet height.

Clamped to that is a 1 inch aluminium pole, about 5 feet which has a one inch wooden broom handle shoved up its interior (very tightly!) to provide damping…

This has all been in place since I cleared the SKY data last.

I am not sure what else I can do: the reporting of 6 inches of rain, per day, has only happened for the last two days. At the age of 72, I’m not overkeen on climbing that pole:-)




Here is a nice example of a windshift after back bend occlusion past trough.
This has nothing to do with rain on the sensors, but wind going from SSW to NNE after the rain.
The wind was calming down in the rain and then picked up again from the other direction.

Nice to notice it in the windgraph.


This time the rain did affect the wind reading. :joy:


Had a heavy frost last night… in my case didn’t notice any effects on the wind sensor for my area. I have a big storm moving in for the weekend that will drop 2-3" of rain and a little wind so I’ll see how it handles that. So far loving my weather station though, it’s been great!


After reading about a new release of some version impacting Sky’s wind sensitivity, I wanted to share several problems in Sky reports occurring today. Wind gusts did not exceed 16mph but Sky reported gusts of: 75.6mph, 69mph, 50mph during this period. While we did have light rain during the errant reporting period - the gusts were inaccurate and have to be considered erroneous.

Problems began at 5am, December 15, 2018 Any ideas why this now occurring when gust reporting was fine until this morning???


Two questions:

Have you inspected the Sky to ensure there is absolutely no build up on or interference with the reflective surface?

How can you stare beyond doubt that the wind gust never exceeded 16mph?


The AcuRite 6" away from it 25’ up only recorded 16 while the closest weather system north of me had a 20mph gust and the nearest south of me also recorded 16mph.


Okay. However, the AcuRite uses cups which are not able to measure very short bursts of wind. The Sky is extremely sensitive to the shortest burst of wind.


Please review! I’ve evaluated sites north and south of Sky and the profile in this
snapshot simply is not possible. The wind profile could only fit if a tropical system were passing overhead with a nearly calm eye - this is not the weather pattern here.

Simply, something is going on here that can’t be explained. Winds for surrounding stations are
consistently between 9-12mph. For those thinking there was a meteorological reason for gusts over 40 at 8:50pm - there was no change in pressure during the spikes in wind gust to near calm wind a few minutes later only to bounce back to gusts near gale force.

Still need something done to restore my confidence in Sky.


You might get more results if you put this topic under “Owners” instead.


The attached image demonstrates a major problem with my wind readings. The weather in surrounding stations are experiencing wind gusts under 20mph for this period, in fact, my AcuRite
and another station very nearby both recorded 16mph for the day. I am 100% sure we didn’t have hurricane force gusts throughout the day.

Please tell me why my Sky is malfunctioning? It began malfunctioning around the time I was reading a new version was being released. Can someone with the means return my Sky back to a reliable, consistent system?


Thank you, I’m still learning how to use the various forums.


If you think the Sky has issues, contact


Hi @gliska15,
That looks like water droplets on the reflective plate. As soon as I saw your graph I suspected rain droplets due to the sudden change in direction combined with the high gusts. Here is the discussion Can Rain Affect Wind Readings - Looks like Frost can as well (Updated)
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


I had a similar thing yesterday. It was raining all day and

around 10 am and sky said I had a gust of 42 mph. For the next several hours the sky was showing winds mostly between 20 - 30 mph. My Davis which is about 10 ft. away and 2 ft. higher never went above 10 mph. Visual observation of the trees moving backed the data from the Davis.
Then the sky must have dried (even though still raining) and was back in relative sync with the Davis since.WF Davis
I’ve added graphs of the same time of WF and Davis.


I’m nearly sure I’ve been recently experiencing this problem with Sky as you can see
the wild ride of gusts and change in direction when actual conditions were consistent direction
and gusts 16-20mph on site and in all adjacent weather enthusiasts including WF down in Lewes, DE.