Building a weather gauge based on the weatherFlow API to hang on my wall

Weather Gauge update October 16, 2020

Step 3 create a gauge app is about 80% complete. I have the Tempest gauge app running on the Gauge Data Transmitter (GDT) and pulling weather data from my Tempest. It is beaming the current temperature to a non existent WallGauge (building the physical gauge is the next step).

Little background on the WallGauge architecture if you’re interested. The WallGauge GDT is a kit you add to a Raspberry Pi Zero W that creates a platform for running Gauge Apps. Gauge Apps are responsible for acquiring gauge data and sending it to an analog gauge. Here is a very rough version of my Gauge App for the Tempest Weather Gauge on the WallGauge GitHub site. It is not complete, lacking documentation and only sends temperature data at the current time. Normally I wouldn’t share incomplete code but this post is about the process.

A GDT is managed with my IOS app called the GDT Administrator. The GDT Administrator is used to add / delete and manage gauge apps. Each gauge app has a logging screen to troubleshoot and monitor a Gauge App’s process. Here is a screen shot from my iPad of my Tempest gauge app pulling gauge data from the WeatherFlow API and sending it to a WallGauge.

Next I will create a physical analog gauge and test. Hope to get some time to work on it this weekend.


Really?!?! That is nuts! It is so much easier to work with SI units.

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imperial units are not rocket science, but shouldn’t be used in rocket science.


guys can we please cease the imperial vs. metric back and forth, or take it to twitter or something ?

Thank you.


But. but. but… Imperial put man on the moon and created the best nation on God’s Green Earth.

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Over the weekend I cut a new Gauge Face and assembled 4 gauges. Here are a few Pics of the progress. I also included a video of booting each gauge.

Video of booting gauges

Hot off the laser


That looks amazing!

I watched the gauge booting video but the “Hot off the laser” says “private video”.

Should work now. Thanks for letting me know!!

Nasa has always used Metric measurements. Lockheed… Not so much. :wink:

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Any chance of sharing the circuit for the gauges? and what kind of stepper motor you use?
I live in the UK and due to import duties and taxes it’s unlikely I’d ever be able to afford to but one but I’d love to have a go at making my own personal version of the gauge

If you’re thinking about starting from scratch there are a lot of good do it yourself projects for stepper control (here is one from Adafruit). I started this project back in 2017 with the goal of making it a commercial product that can be tailored based on the data to be displayed. If you are interested in more technical detail take a look at my post on the Parallax forum. In that forum I talked about the circuit design and assembly code I wrote to make it all work.

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