Bugs : tempest weather app

looks like there is an issue with temperatures on the forecast of 100+ not appearing correctly.

can you please give model of the iPhone and iOS? This will help coders. Thanks

Unfortunately, the new app crashes right after starting (3rd generation iPad on iOS 9.3.5)

i see mine auto updated overnight , iPad Pro ios 13.4.1 but unfortunately all i got was a blank blue screen . screenshot.

on old ipad mini ios 9.3.5 app just crashes unfortunately.

Apple is forcing devs to NOT support anything before iOS 10. We cannot build for 9.3.5 anymore.


oh well im not gonna commit an ipad Pro just for a lightning sensor , however the new release dont work on my ipad pro as per screenshot , i still have the previous weatherflow app on my iphone so i can at least access the setup if necessary via that. old ipad mini was ideal for a permanent display when i was testing the older sky units last few years but i cant help thinking how many others may have made use of using older ipads for a display as the need of a console display is deemed not a priority sadly or doesnt fall into the smart home station perception. anyway thanks for the info…

In regards to the iPad Pro running 13.4.1, can you uninstall the app and reinstall? On both an upgrade and clean install the app seems to be running just fine. We are looking into the 9.3 issue and will report back soon.


This is not good at all.

Our Weatherflow Device are nothing but a worthless piece of plastic and parts without the Interface.

It is a huge mistake to treat Weatherflow Customers wrong.

We purchased the product in Good Faith and TRUST over the last 2 years, only to find we are being swept under the bus.

Everyone in my local weather group wants their money back.

It is worthy of a class action suit

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@ruud / @Weather34,

The bug affecting iOS 9.3.x devices has been fixed in our current development branch and will be submitted to Apple later today.




This has been fixed in the current development branch and will be submitted to Apple later today.



Someone needs to calm down.


I don’t seem to get my readings for wind or uv in the old style display . This is on an iPad Pro 10.4.1 thought it was worth reporting…


thanks i rebooted the ipad pro and voila ive got a pretty screen…

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That screen updates every minute with the current observations. If you want the rapid-fire wind updates, press the Tempest icon top right


i hear you but it is what it is and no point in complaining sometimes we buy things and they dont meet our expectations and we look elsewhere until we find something fortunately the davis vp2 setup met my expectations but i kind of was excited about the wf sky it was innovative and fresh but sadly it didnt live upto expectation , i get a few emails each month all complaining about rain i just tell them to talk to wf here or if their brave with an electronic background take it apart if they want answers or draw a conclusion…dont get beat up about it just move on to using something that meets your expectations and dont always trust what you read in terms of marketing there is a lot of strange terminology surrounding this product range but hey its the 21st century and the new tempest is only a second generation theoretically so the jury is still out on it , time will tell how better or worse it may be just like it does with any other product …


If you’re using a very old OS version, you shouldn’t really expect support for it to continue indefinitely. Microsoft operating systems face EOL just like Apple versions do, and once code changes to support newer features, a point comes that there is now an insurmountable incompatibility.

For developers, continuing to support outdated versions gets tougher and tougher and a decision eventually has to be reached to no longer support them. The decision then falls on the user to move to a different platform or upgrade their hardware to support the newer software requirements.

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To me the new app looks almost as if weatherflow had to lay off their gui designer. Even though there is a lot more info on the main screen (which I like) it looks a bit messy and probably not as nice and cool as it could have looked. Too many different font sizes.
On the top you get info about ‘olar radiation’ (the S is missing) and gusting wind, but no barometric value or trend, which is probably more relevant then solar radiation or gusting wind. And what about the rain? I would move the solar radiation and gusting values to the section of ‘more current conditions’. Speaking of which, I would prefer that section removed and instead pop up when clicking anywhere in the top part of the main screen, of perhaps when swiping left/or right. Swiping would be nice, left for the detailed panel and right for the old interface (clean up the new interface by removing that icon in the top right)

As you can see in the picture of the 10 day forecast, Wednesday, 20 may 2020 already collides with 0% rain. It would be worse for 10% rain and probably even worse for months with names longer than three characters. Perhaps remove the descriptive text of the sky (cloudy, partly cloudy etc) completely as this info is already shown in the icons on the right, and replace that text with the date. Removing the year from the date might also help.

Also if you zoom in enough on the picture you can see as small vertical line which I added to the picture to show the misalignment of icons. Not only the icons but also the rain and temperatures appear misaligned. Temperature is a weird mixture of aligning right for the max temp and aligning left, to the beginning of the max temp. Messy.
In the top of the main window you might starting to wonder why there is an up arrow to the left of the max temperature, but it is to the right of the min temperature.

There is some duplication going on as today’s hourly info is exactly the same info as opening up the 10 day forecast. I would remove the today’s version and instead just remember the last state of the interface. So when someone opened up the first day of the 10 day forecast, it would show opened up the next time the app is started.

It is probably also a good idea to remember the last selected interface the old one or the new one and automatically jump to that page when the app is started.

I was really, really hoping for a better graphing system. There are so many things that could have improved there. Free zoom and pan, way more data points on screen than the current 32 etc etc.

hope this is useful info.

One extra problem as the main screen is a confusing mixture from measured data and predicted data:

It displays a partly cloudy icon behind the measured 12 degree. This icon is however not measured in any way. It shouldn’t be there, nor should the text partly cloudy be there. Let’s keep prediction separate from measured. (tiny side note. the prediction is off by 2 degrees, quite a lot if you ask me and the 12 degree is the same as the official local weather station. Wouldn’t it be kind of good if the prediction was dynamically adapted to the measured values?)

comparing with other software it seems that the sunset/sunrise times are taken from the previous day @dsj


It’s really a huge waste of time and resources.

I would never use this functionality for my forecast. Instead, I depend on Model Data combined with my regional NWS Offices and their AFDs for my forecast.

The premise that the ‘local tempest inaccurate weather readings’ that are modified by AI will give you a specific local forecast is totally pie in the sky and without merit.

@sunny what device are you using? Everything is lined up nicely on my Galaxy S20+ with plenty of room so it must be a screen resolution related issue.

Now that you mention it, I too see that the sunrise/sunset times are from the previous day.


I’m on a sony xperia xz2 compact.