Bug with IOS 3.33 : AIR data not on History view

There appears to be a major error with iOs3.33. The history no longer appears for my Air unit both on my iPhone X and my iPad Pro. The Air still shows up on the main screen and devices.

Now when I click on any of the Air related cards on the main display, it crashes the iOS app.

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Thanks for the heads up @gary.hickey . We were on it yesterday…looks to be a solvable backend issue and unrelated to v3.33 specifically (read: once we fix the backend issue, it will resolve in your app without the need for an app update). That’s the initial prognosis – stay tuned. And thanks!

Update: bug fixed by WF dev team. Despite what we said above, need to deploy a new version of the app (v3.35 will have the fix in it). New app version is uploading to Apple today, October 25, and should propagate by the weekend. Thanks again for the report!